How can I determine number of circuits feeding lighting fixtures?

Based on the local regulations of many countries, it is not recommended to feed the lightings of area of more than 100 m2 from one circuit. In some countries it is restricted to 50 m2. It is recommended to consider two different circuits for two-storey buildings even if they are small in size. The other restriction is that the current should not exceed 15 A per circuit.

Can I use sodium lamps in hazardous areas?

Low-pressure sodium lamps should not be transferred through a hazardous area owing to the risk of ignition due to free sodium from a broken lamp. These lamps shall not be installed above a hazardous area.

Is it permitted to use Plugs and socket in hazardous areas?

Plugs and socket outlets are not permitted in locations requiring EPL “Da”. In locations requiring EPL “Db” or “Dc” they shall comply with AS/NZS 61241.0.

For group I installations in Australia, flameproof restrained plugs shall comply with AS1299 and couplers shall comply with AS1300.

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